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This information booklet aims to provide practical tips and advice on how individuals can

protect their personal data when using information and communication technologies.


Trojans are software that are advertised to do one thing, but secretly also do other tasks, such as acting as a keylogger, file-sharer and / or



Keyloggers are software that capture your keystrokes, including website addresses, usernames and passwords, and send them to a hacker

without your knowledge.


Zombies are software that take over control of your computer so that it can be used remotely by hackers to send spam, attack websites, etc.

without your knowledge.

Install proper anti-virus software

Malware is a collective term for viruses, worms, trojans


, keyloggers


, zombies


, etc. that can harm

your computer and / or steal your data. Install the most up-to-date anti-virus packages, either paid

or free, and make sure the signature files are regularly updated according to the software vendor’s


Anti-virus packages are also available for smartphones and tablet computers. As these devices

have become popular devices for connecting to the Internet and can hold as much personal data

as a computer, protecting them with anti-virus software is crucial.

If available, you should switch on the personal firewall feature of your operating system or anti-

virus package. A personal firewall controls network traffic to and from your device and reduces

the risk of your devices being hacked or attacked.

Securing devices such as computers, smartphones and tablet computers

that you use to connect to the Internet is the first line of defence. The

following technical steps will reduce the risk of harm to your devices by

malicious software.


Your Information and Communication Technology Devices

Protecting Privacy - Using Computers and the Internet Wisely

Protecting Privacy –

Using Computers and the Internet Wisely