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Develop a method to change passwords regularly yet ensuring you

remember them without having to write them down. Do not use the

same password for all accounts, particularly for those that contain sensitive

personal data.

Do not open online accounts with the same name and do not use the

same email address for multiple account registrations.

Use complex passwords that are at least eight characters long, with a mixture of numbers and letters,

or follow the password policy as suggested by the website.

Do not reveal or provide your password to anyone including those who claim to represent the

websites. If you think your password is leaked, change the password in all the accounts using the

same password immediately to protect yourself.


Account and Password


Know how to protect your account and password information

Use of the same account name and password for multiple services means others

can access all your accounts once they know your password (through leakage or by

guessing). Many sites , however, allow logging in using the registered email address.

Even if you use the same email address to register for different account names in

multiple sites, hackers who know the password can still gain unauthorised access to

your other accounts using the registered email address / password combination.

Similarly, others can link your online identities together and collate information about

you if you use the same email address or the same account name for multiple website


Protecting Privacy –

Using Computers and the Internet Wisely