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Secure Your Information and Communication Technology Devices

Install proper anti-virus software

Log on as a user and not as an administrator

Apply security updates

Do not install pirated software

Protect Your Information and Communication Technology Devices

Lock your device when it is not in use

Install anti-theft software

Think Twice Before Providing Personal Data Online

Know who you are supplying personal data to and why

Think about the implications of disclosing personal data

Are you requested to provide excessive data?

Read the Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”) and Privacy Policy Statement (“PPS”) before

providing personal data

Do not trust unexpected email messages

Connect to the Internet Safely

Know how to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots safely

Know what not to use public computers for

Do not allow device to remember your login details

Use SSL to protect online information

Know your website cookies

You should pay attention to the following items before using the computer or surfing

the Internet:






Protecting Privacy –

Using Computers and the Internet Wisely