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Arrange Equipment for

Repair / Sale / Disposal


Protect Your


Use Your

Smartphones and Tablets


Understand what precautions to take before handing over equipment

Teach your children to protect their personal data

Discuss with your children how the advice in this booklet can

help them protect their personal data when using the Internet.

Teach them that once their personal data is leaked or

openly shared on the Internet, it may be there for the

rest of their lives.

Children may be less aware of the privacy concerns and

pitfalls of using the Internet and information technology.

They should be educated early in their lives to protect


To learnhow toprotect yourself in theuseof smartphones

or tablets, please read the leaflet “Protect Privacy by

Smart Use of Smartphones”


. The leaflet provides

guidance on how to protect mobile devices

and data stored in the devices, and how to

use mobile applications safely.

You should ensure that you choose a reputable repair provider. You should also check that you are

happy with their pledge on the protection of personal data before entrusting them with the data.

If the problem is not related to the removable storage device in your equipment, you should remove

it before sending it for repair. If you must send the storage device away for repair, try to erase all

personal data whenever possible using a secure, permanent method (such as DBAN from www. for drives or FileShredder from


Similarly, if you are selling or disposing any device that has memory or storage, remember to erase

all the data stored in it. Some device manufacturers (such as those of mobile phones) provide steps

for users to erase all stored data on their phones. These steps should be followed. Also remember to

remove the removable memory cards or old SIM cards installed in these devices, or to erase the data.

Many people may not realise how much personal data they have stored in their computers

or PSDs. As you may not be able to remove the data storage device or erase the data in

such equipment, disposing, selling or sending the equipment to a third party without due

precautionary measures means you may be giving your personal data away.



Protecting Privacy –

Using Computers and the Internet Wisely