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Portable Storage Devices ( PSDs”)


Understand the Use of


Know how to use portable storage devices

Know the pitfalls of using Foxy

As PSDs can easily be lost, always keep a backup copy of the data stored in them.

Always encrypt files stored in PSDs (see below on file encryption) so that information stored in it

cannot be read or understood by those without the password.

PSDs are USB drives, tablet computers, smartphones, or any other device that has

storage capacity. Always think about the consequence of losing your PSDs (which is

not uncommon).

The use of Foxy is fraught with danger as many versions of this software automatically

run and share the files of your entire hard disk by default. Once a file is shared via

Foxy, there is virtually no way of stopping it from spreading.

Too many incidents of data leakage have occurred with Foxy, with the users having no idea that Foxy

was sharing their sensitive data. You should ask yourself if you really know how Foxy works and how

to configure it before using it.

As the vendor that produced Foxy is no longer in business, there is no more reliable source from which

to download Foxy. You should therefore ask yourself how you can be sure that the copy of Foxy you

have downloaded has not been tampered with and is not infected with malware.

Protecting Privacy –

Using Computers and the Internet Wisely