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Suggested security measures when handling personal data by using various technologies:


Appropriate Steps


• scan websites for common vulnerability before

launch and thereafter at regular intervals

• develop controls to prevent files containing

personal data from being inadvertently stored

on websites, even when they are not referred

to by any hyperlinks

• use adequate encryption and access control

to avoid unauthorised interception, access or


• anonymise personal data displayed whenever


• deploy adequate account protection:

– develop proper controls over password

complexity, retries, reset and periodic

change to prevent passwords from being


– avoid the use of “obvious” default account

names or passwords, such as data user’s

HKID number, date of birth or telephone


– consider deploying two-factor

authentication where the sensitivity of the

personal data warrants a high degree of

account protection

• adopt, where applicable, the following

additional technical safeguards:

– install and configure properly firewall and/or

intrusion detection/prevention systems to

guard against intrusion

– utilise three-tier architecture to isolate

database servers from becoming directly

accessible from the internet

– conduct regular vulnerability or penetration


– never use easily predictable methods (such

as using sequential or receipt numbers) in

hyperlinks to retrieve personal data, so as to

avoid unauthorised access by those who

would guess the hyperlinks

– disallow the storing of files containing

personal data in webservers without

adequate access control or encryption