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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and as a consequence of the public's compliance with social distancing, many facets of our work and social life has shifted from in-person to digital. View our 30-second video for a quick grasps of some handy advices.

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Big data, artificial intelligence, privacy protection, GDPR…… are on everyone’s lips this day and age. The role of a data protection officer (DPO) in enterprises is gaining importance worldwide and also here in Hong Kong. DPO plays a data securing leadership role in a company, overseeing a company’s data protection strategy. Do you want to receive updated data protection information? Are you looking for an effective way to interact and learn with your counterparts? Or would you like to keep up with the latest trends of the international privacy landscape? To stay ahead of the game, one of the effective ways is to become a member of the Data Protection Officers' Club (DPOC).

The Club provides a platform for data protection personnels or interested individuals to obtain updated information on data protection and participate in training and sharing sessions organised by the PCPD.

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Professional Workshops on Data Protection (June - August 2020) is now open for enrolment!

The Professional Workshops organised by the PCPD are specifically designed for practitioners to become acquainted with how to practise ethical handling of personal data in different professional spheres and to get up to speed on how to comply with the requirements under the PDPO in handling personal data.

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Introduction to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Seminar Seminars for Jun - Dec 2020 are now open for enrolment !

Sign up now for the introductory seminar on the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to find out more about your obligations as data users and your rights as data subjects. The seminar would walk you through the essence including:

- A general introduction to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
- The six data protection principles
- Direct marketing
- Offences & compensation

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PCPD joins hands with Google Hong Kong and local illustrator Dustykid World to remind you to stay smart online, and to protect your personal data.

Privacy Commissioner Mr Stephen Wong delivered a presentation titled "Facial recognition and COVID-19 measures - An overview from the perspectives of Hong Kong and mainland China" at the American Bar Association Spring Meeting 2020 (Virtual)- Tech Innovations at the Privacy Edge (27 May 2020)

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Response to media enquiry on an incident of video-recording of reporters’ personal data such as Hong Kong Identity Cards in public place (27 May)  

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PCPD Named “Manpower Developer” Again (26 May)

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Doxxing of Legislative Council Security Personnels, Privacy Commissioner Exhausts his Legal Powers to Enforce the Law Impartially (25 May)

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Telecommunications Company Pleaded Guilty to Violating Direct Marketing Provisions and Fined HK$12,000 (25 May)

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Privacy Commissioner Investigates Recent Doxxing of Government Officials, Legislative Council Security Personnels, Teachers and Students (19 May) 

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To ensure that our services can be easily accessible by the public irrespective of their racial backgrounds, the PCPD implements special measures to help ethnic groups overcome potential language barriers in accessing our service.

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Top ten: Things learned from two years of GDPR

It has been two years since the deadline for compliance with GDPR landed.  Now with two years of compliance culture behind us, what have we learnt so far?

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German Court rules foreign internet users have right to privacy

Germany's Federal Constitutional Court, ruled law enforcement is prohibited from conducting random searches of online data belonging to foreign individuals.

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New York Times phasing out all 3rd-party advertising data

The New York Times plans to phase out the use of third-party advertising data by 2021. The newspaper company will begin the shift to more first-party data for targeted advertising beginning in July.

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In land of big data, China sets individual privacy rights

Beijing is poised to enshrine individual interests of privacy and personal data for the first time, a symbolic step as more of the country is digitised - and more vulnerable to leaks and hacks.

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