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The role of being a data protection officer (DPO) in enterprises is gaining importance worldwide and also here in Hong Kong. Playing a data securing leadership role, a DPO oversees a company's data protection strategy and its implementation to ensure ethical data governance and compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. To stay ahead of the game, one of the effective ways is to become a member of the Data Protection Officers' Club (DPOC), interact and learn with each other.

Upon renewal of the DPOC membership or becoming a new DPOC member, you can:-

1. attend exclusive training and experience sharing with other DPOC members from different sectors;

2. enjoy a discounted rate for enrolling for PCPD’s
 knowledge-enriching professional workshops;

3. be publicly acknowledged for your DPOC membership.

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Organisational data users should promulgate clear guidelines and work procedures on the handling of DARs and establish tracking procedures to monitor the progress of compliance with DARs. To this end, this guidance note provides guidance to data users on the proper handling of DARs and the charge of DAR fees.

Read the leaflet on “Proper Handling of DAR 
and Charging of DAR Fee by Data Users




A new series of Professional Workshops on Data Protection (May - August 2020) is now open for enrolment!

The Professional Workshops organised by the PCPD are specifically designed for practitioners to become acquainted with how to practise ethical handling of personal data in different professional spheres and to get up to  speed on how to comply with the requirements under the PDPO in handling personal data.


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Online Introduction to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (PDPO) Seminar

Enrol to attend our new interactive online privacy seminar for a virtual classroom experience. You can deepen your privacy knowledge in PDPO by understanding your obligations as data users and your rights as data subjects without having to travel or deal with the crowds!

Date: 8 June 2020 (Monday)
Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Fee: Free of charge
Language: Cantonese
Mode: Online

Key Takeaways:
- A general introduction to the PDPO
- The six data protection principles
- Offences & Compensation
- Direct Marketing
- Q & A session

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Hong Kong Lawyer - May issue "Cover Story: Law + Tech vs COVID-19"

The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, Mr Stephen Wong, was invited to be the honorary privacy facilitator of an NGO "Tech Response to COVID-19". The organisation developed an app called COVID-19 contact risk identifier app which has adopted the concept of "Privacy by design". This article introduces the functions of this app.

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Hong Kong Lawyer - May issue "Balancing Privacy Right Against Public Interests Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic"

We all know privacy is a fundamental human right. Nevertheless, right to privacy is not absolute. How to strike a balance between privacy right against other human rights and public interests is an important topic for data protection authorities, governments and civil societies across jurisdictions to get to grips with.

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Privacy Commissioner Mr Stephen Wong delivered a presentation titled "Discharge of PDPO duties for data trading/ data exchange" at the launch event of Big Data Governance Principles 2.0 organised by the Institute of Big Data Governance (iBDG) (14 May 2020)

Matters relating to video-recording of reporters' Identity Cards, etc. (12 May 2020)

Read the statement

Legal issues relating to personal data involved in Government’s distribution of reusable masks (7 May)

Read the statement

Suspected Use of a reporter's photo as Facebook profile picture (2 May)

Read the statement Media response (Chinese only)

Singapore's proposals to amend data protection law include stiffer fines

Slapping potentially higher fines in Singapore is among a list of proposed amendments in the draft Personal Data Protection (Amendment) Bill, which will be tabled in Parliament later this year. In case of a data breach, organisations may soon be slapped with fines of up to 10 per cent of their annual gross turnover or $1 million, whichever is higher, if proposed amendments to the Personal Data Protection Act go through.

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Australian Government releases draft legislation for Covidsafe tracing app to allay privacy concerns

The Australian government has launched Covidsafe, an app that records when you have been in close contact with other users , in a bid to automate coronavirus contact tracing. However, privacy concern was raised. In this regards, legislation has been drafted for regulating the collection, use or disclosure of information collected by the app to address the privacy concern.

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Technology winners and losers in the days of COVID-19

In the days of COVID-19, most of the employees were working from home. It seems safer than working at office in terms of prevention of virus infection. Would data also be safer compared with working at office? 

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Patient data not doctors’ personal information: privacy commissioner

The owner of patients' personal information has always been a controversial issue. This article has given the latest view from Canada's court. 

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Data protection laws are great. Shame they are not being enforced

The GDPR conferred formidable powers on the data protection authorities of EU states, including the power to impose fines of up to 4% of a company’s global revenues. Nevertheless, the power cannot be fully implemented as the writer found that many EU states did not allocate adequate resources for investigation.  


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Infographic: The Top-10 most impactful provisions under the CPRA ballot initiative

The IAPP has created an infographic outlining the 10 most-impactful provisions of the California Privacy Rights Act ballot initiative. It would give you an overview of the key aspects that warrant special attention.


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