Professional Workshops on Privacy Management Programme

Privacy and data protection cannot be managed effectively if they are merely treated as a legal compliance issue. Instead, organisational data users should embrace personal data privacy protection as part of their corporate governance responsibilities and apply them as a business imperative throughout the organisation. To this end, the formulation and maintenance of a comprehensive Privacy Management Programme (PMP) is of paramount importance. 

This course will highlight the key features of “Privacy Management Programme – A Best Practice Guide”. Participants will be able to understand the baseline fundamentals and components of a PMP and how to maintain and improve it on an ongoing basis.

Fee: Standard Fee: $750 / Discounted Fee: $600 (applicable to members of PCPD's Data Protection Officers' Club ("DPOC") and the supporting organisations only)

Medium of Instruction: Cantonese

Who Should Attend: Data protection officers, compliance professionals, company secretaries, solicitors, executives from business and public sectors, and those who are interested in keeping abreast of the data protection trend and best practices.


  • What is PMP
  • Baseline Fundamentals of a PMP
  • Appointment of Data Protection Officer
  • Ongoing Assessment and Revision
  • How to develop your own PMP
  • Data Ethics

Application for Professional Workshops on Privacy Management Programme