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What is PAW

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is an international event that raises awareness on the importance of protecting personal data privacy. The theme of PAW 2014 in Hong Kong is "Personal Data Privacy: Have My Say". It is supported by 69 partner secondary schools and over 400 members of the Data Protection Officers' Club.

PAW is an annual promotion event jointly held by members of Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA). It aims at raising public awareness of the importance of protecting personal data privacy through a week's public education activities. This year, PAW is celebrated in Australia, Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru and United States.

APPA is the principal forum for privacy authorities in the region to form partnerships and exchange ideas about privacy regulation, new technologies and the management of privacy enquiries and complaints.


「關注私隱運動是一項國際性活動,目的是提升公眾對保障個人資料和私隱的意識。香港「關注私隱運動 2014」的主題是「個人資料私隱:自己作主話事」。「關注私隱運動」獲得69間夥伴中學及保障資料主任聯會逾400名支持。

「關注私隱運動是亞太區私隱機構 (Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities) 成員合作的年度推廣項目,透過為期一週的公眾教育活動,提升公眾對保障個人資料和私隱的意識。今年參與地區包括澳洲、加拿大、哥倫比亞、香港、韓國、澳門、墨西哥、新西蘭、秘魯及美國。


Tips for Protecting Your Privacy on Your Mobile Device

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Download Mobile Apps Smartly. Don't Compromise Your Privacy
胡亂下載應用程式 形同自揭私隱
Avoid Apps that leak your information
Beware untrusted Apps
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Clear unused apps regularly
Download security software
Erase all apps before you recycle
移除所有程式 方可棄置舊機
Fiercely protect your device