Panel Discussion
"The Global Emergence of Corporate Data Privacy Accountability Frameworks: Building and Embedding the Company's Data Privacy Programs and the Role of Chief Privacy Officer"

JoAnn C. Stonier is the EVP/Chief Information Governance & Privacy Officer for MasterCard Worldwide. She is responsible for worldwide privacy compliance and information governance for the enterprise. JoAnn is responsible for identifying MasterCard's data strategy as an element of the company's product and business strategy as well as for the management of privacy and data protection compliance and regulatory engagement on a global basis. JoAnn and her team of global professionals help business colleagues understand the opportunities associated with MasterCard's information assets as well as understand the risks and relevant legal requirements that need to be addressed related to the collection, use and disclosure of personal data.

In addition to her work at MasterCard, JoAnn is an Adjunct Professor at Pratt Institute where she teaches business strategy and international business, in the Design Management Master's program.


In ever evolving data age, Information Accountability requires organizations to understand their data practices and information innovation goals while balancing their business activities with a complex and changing landscape. Over 5 years ago, MasterCard recognized this evolution and developed a comprehensive privacy program that address four key aspects of good data governance: Compliance, Business Innovation, Regulatory Outreach and Organization Engagement. JoAnn will focus on the establishment of the privacy program, the key elements that make it a success as well as the expansion of the original focus to include information stewardship and governance.

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