Sunny CHEUNG was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Octopus group of companies in January 2011. Sunny has over 30 years’ experience in consumer banking and payments. Prior to joining Octopus, he was Country Manager of Visa International for Hong Kong and Macau. He has also held senior management positions with several financial institutions, including Managing Director and Head of Greater China Consumer Banking at DBS, General Manager of Consumer Banking at Dao Heng Bank and General Manager of Citibank card business in Hong Kong.


The Challenges of Personal Data Privacy in the New Era

The advance of technological era has seen increasing challenges to personal data privacy brought forth by new collection methods and the use of personal data. In light of increasing public expectation for transparency, accountability and consumer rights, the issues of transparency versus readability in limited space; security and jailbreak, as well as customer behaviours are major concerns to which companies have to pay special attention. How to respond to and tackle these issues with effective policies and measures is of significant importance to the success of any corporations.

The talk will examine how companies can implement policies and measures with maximized results, from the perspectives of corporate governance, staff education and the smart use of technology. The talk will also discuss the roles of minimum collection of data, product and service development, as well as partnership with regulations and stakeholders, in contributing to compliance with and the best practice of personal data privacy.

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