J Trevor HUGHES is the President and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). In this role, Trevor leads the world’s largest association of privacy professionals.

A native of Canada, Trevor is an experienced attorney in privacy, technology and marketing law. He has provided testimony before the US Congress Commerce Committee, the Senate Commerce Committee, the Federal Trade Commission, the Home Affairs Committee of the British Parliament and the EU Parliament on issues of privacy, surveillance, spam and privacy-sensitive technologies.

Trevor previously served as the Executive Director of the Network Advertising Initiative, a leading online privacy trade association, and the Email Sender and Provider Coalition, a trade association working on email policy and practices. He is also an adjunct professor of law at the University of Maine, School of Law.


Building an Effective Privacy Programme

The foundation of any effective privacy programme is accountability. Your employees must be accountable for the data they are handling. Employees handling personal data need to have the awareness and privacy management skills that will enable them to make smart, informed decisions. In his session Building an Effective Privacy Programme, Trevor will detail how to build privacy awareness and accountability into your privacy programme. Trevor will also discuss global benchmarking and best practices for building an effective privacy programme.

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