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What's New - Two PCPD Officers Receive the Ombudsmans Awards

Date: 16 November 2022

Two PCPD Officers Receive the Ombudsman’s Awards

Two officers of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) received The Ombudsman’s Awards 2022 (the Awards) for Officers of Public Organisations in recognition of their professionalism and exemplary performance in handling complaints and enquiries.
The two PCPD awardees are Assistant Personal Data Officer of the Complaints Division, Ms Kit LEE Wai-kit, and Acting Assistant Personal Data Officer of the Compliance and Enquiries Division, Ms Vicky YUN Hiu-ying.
The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Ms Ada CHUNG Lai-ling, attended the award presentation ceremony on 16 November and congratulated the two award-winning officers, “I am honoured that our officers have received the Awards for six consecutive years. The two awardees have shown exemplary performance in serving the public. We will continue to strive our best to enhance the protection of privacy in relation to personal data.”
Ms Kit LEE has demonstrated great competency in the handling of public complaints. She is well aware of the need to handle complaints from members of the public skilfully, rectify breaches of statutory requirements and resolve the matter amicably between the relevant parties. To handle cases in a fair way and with empathy, she always puts herself into the shoes of the parties in order to consider and analyse their positions.
Ms Vicky YUN believes that excellent attitude, professional knowledge and careful skills are the essential components of high-quality service, which enables her to handle public enquiries effectively. She has been assigned to handle public enquiries since she joined the PCPD in 2019. She is always willing to sacrifice her lunch time and non-office hours to communicate with enquirers. She believes that her patience in listening to their requests would help build mutual trust and respect.

The Privacy Commissioner, Ms Ada CHUNG Lai-ling (2nd from left), and The Ombudsman, Ms Winnie CHIU Wai-yin, PDSM, PMSM (3rd from right), congratulated the award-winning officers, Assistant Personal Data Officer, Ms Kit LEE Wai-kit (3rd from left) and Acting Assistant Personal Data Officer, Ms Vicky YUN Hiu-ying (2nd from right).