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WhatsApp’s new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy take effect on 15 May – Users should consider the changes carefully

WhatsApp’s new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will take effect on 15 May. According to WhatsApp, users who do not accept the new terms and policy will have less and less functionality on WhatsApp gradually.

The PCPD reminds users to consider the changes carefully before deciding whether to accept the new terms and policy. Users should, for example, read the new Privacy Policy to understand how the social media platform handles and shares their personal data, what kinds of data will be shared and for what purposes. If users choose not to accept the new terms, they should make preparations to back up their data, such as exporting their chat histories and downloading a report of their accounts.

If users decide to deactivate their accounts, the PCPD notes that WhatsApp has explained how to delete an account in its “Help Center”:

For more information on how to mitigate the privacy risks in the use of social media and instant messaging apps, please read the PCPD’s “Guidance on Protecting Personal Data Privacy in the Use of Social Media and Instant Messaging Apps”: