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Media Statements

Media Statement

Date: 11 April 2021

Privacy Commissioner Follows Up on
the Suspected Data Breach Relating to Clubhouse Users

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD), noted overseas media reports on the suspected data breach relating to the users of the audio-based social media platform Clubhouse. Given that the personal data at stake may include names, usernames and user IDs on social media, etc., the PCPD is contacting Clubhouse to ascertain whether the people affected in the incident include Hong Kong users and the personal data involved.
The PCPD will remind Clubhouse that if it is found that Hong Kong users are affected, it should notify the affected users as soon as possible to mitigate the risks arising from the incident. The PCPD will continue to follow up the matter.
The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (Privacy Commissioner), Ms Ada CHUNG Lai-ling, appeals to Clubhouse users to be vigilant about potential theft of personal data. If they are in doubt about whether their personal data have been leaked, they may make enquiries with the social media platform concerned or make enquiries/complaints to the PCPD (telephone: 2827 2827; email: To protect personal data privacy, users are advised to take the following measures: -
  • Change the passwords of the social media accounts concerned and other platforms as well if necessary;
  • Enable the two-factor authentication feature;
  • Beware of any unusual logins of social media accounts and personal emails; and
  • Stay vigilant when they receive any suspicious calls, text messages or emails or any calls, text messages or emails from unknown sources.