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Media Statement

Date:26 May 2020

PCPD Named “Manpower Developer” Again

The office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD) has once again been awarded “Manpower Developer” in the “Government Department, Public Body and NGO” category by the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) for PCPD’s outstanding achievements in manpower training and development.  This is another distinct recognition of the PCPD’s performance in nurturing talents. This status of achievement was first bestowed on the PCPD in 2018 and the current award will sustain till 2022, spanning over 5 calendar years.

The ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme (Scheme) aims to cultivate a common social value to attach great importance to manpower training and development. The Scheme acknowledges the effectiveness of the strategies and practices in manpower training and development, as well as efforts in fostering organisational culture conducive to life-long learning.

The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (Privacy Commissioner) Mr Stephen Kai-yi WONG is delighted to share the encouraging recognition again with his team, “2019 was a challenging year to the PCPD. We handled close to 5,000 doxxing cases last year.  At the same time, the application of technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in the data-driven economy has made data protection more complex.  Apart from dealing with a marked increase in workload, we delivered results of even higher quality.  Taking the example of investigating data breach incidents, the PCPD was often faced with sizable legal and technological expert teams, and the wider community’s expectations and the media’s enquiries.  Despite these unprecedented challenges, my colleagues demonstrated exemplary dedication and upheld a fair, just and professional manner in accomplishing the mission of data protection.  Human resource is the most important asset of an organisation, and fostering manpower training and development has always been my priority management strategy.”

“In recent years, the PCPD has striven to provide more opportunities in training and exposure, including well-planned job rotations and new work mix, arranging staff from various divisions to participate in local and overseas seminars and international conferences to keep them abreast of the trend of global privacy landscape, as well as offering different kinds of training and sharing sessions to staff.  All these initiatives help my colleagues develop their potential and attain all-round development. This honour indeed goes to the entire PCPD team who has demonstrated dedication in overcoming new challenges and made continuous efforts in self-improvement,” the Privacy Commissioner said.

“To better equip ourselves for the challenges and opportunities ahead, the PCPD will continue to deploy more resources in manpower training and encourage all-round development.”