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Media Statement

Date:8 April 2020

"Privacy in Sunlight" Reaching out through Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo,
Facebook and YouTube

privacy sunlight


To raise public awareness of protecting and respecting privacy, and engage public and private organisations toHK PCPD embrace privacy protection as part of their corporate governance responsibilities, the office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD) presents a brand new image on social networks, on newly created accounts on Instagram, Linkedln, Twitter and Weibo, and has revamped the Facebook page and YouTube channel, all under the new theme “Privacy in Sunlight”. In simple language and with the help of visual illustrations and videos, the latest privacy issues of public concern are explained to netizens from diverse sectors and age groups.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Privacy Commissioner has issued a range of guidelines on related privacy issues through print/e-media and its own website, including guidelines for employers and employees; schools and students; and video-conferencing, enabling netizens to keep pace with the latest information of protecting personal data privacy while working or studying from home.
The newly launched and revamped accounts on the differently-styled platforms, namely Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, Facebook and YouTube aim to target at the younger generation and those who prefer mobile devices to conventional media channels; micro, small, medium and large enterprises; professionals, and data protection personnel and authorities from the mainland of China and overseas, etc., enabling them to follow in a timely manner the latest news and updates of the privacy landscape.
The Privacy Commissioner Mr Stephen Kai-yi WONG said, “‘Privacy in Sunlight” hopefully will send out messages that personal data privacy right belongs to every individual, and highlight the need for organisations, macro or micro, to comply with the law, practise respect and implement privacy policy with transparency and explainability, in a way that everyone can read, with or without reading glasses, whether  at work or at home, commuting or in the street, will be able to receive them. In addition, the new theme also echoes the name of ‘Sunlight Tower’, at which PCPD is located.”
The PCPD has always been committed to effectively disseminating information and updating on developments regarding protection of personal data privacy through websites and online social platforms. In recent years, our websites have won the following awards:

  • The PCPD website won the Silver Prize in the  Non-Commercial–SME of the "Best .hk Website Awards 2019” organised by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited.
  • The PCPD website, the two thematic websites “Children Privacy” and “Be SMART Online”, as well as the two mini-websites “Elderly Corner” and “Think Privacy! Be SMART Online”, won the Gold Awards of the Website Stream in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2018/19.
  • The “Be SMART Online" thematic Website of the PCPD won the champion of the “Use of Online Tools” category award of the Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards organised by the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in September 2017.
  • The PCPD website won the “Government Standard of Excellence” in 2015 Web Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development organised by the Web Marketing Association in the United States.

Below are some recent posts from the PCPD on the online social platforms:

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私隱公署 PCPD - 陽光中的私隱Privacy in Sunlight

《陽光中的私隱》• 私隱公署 PCPD
Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD)
Privacy in Sunlight – PCPD
陽光中的私隱 Privacy in Sunlight, PCPD