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Media Statements

Media Statement

Date:14 February 2020

Special Work Arrangements 17-23 February 2020 (updated)

To continue to help reduce the risk of the novel coronavirus’s spread in the community; absent any indications that COVID-19 will come to a halt in the near future and having regard to the recent confirmed infection cases from social contacts, the associated uncertainties and unknowns, as well as the approach adopted by the Government, the office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong has the following updated special work arrangements to make during the period from 17 to 23 February 2020 (inclusive):

  • All services that involve commuting and face-to-face contact in office  (including meetings with members of the public, receipt and collection of posts and faxes) will continue to be suspended with a view to reducing social contacts;
  • Public talks, professional workshops and seminars will be postponed until further notice;
  • All other services, including enquiries, data breach notifications and complaints through hotline (28272827) or email ( ; and and online services ( will remain normal;
  • Appointments for exceptional and urgent matters may be made through  the hotline or email services (details as above);
  • Employees continue to be advised to work from home and will provide overall close-to-normal services;
  • Allowance and tolerance are requested in circumstances where our services may only be provided in a limited way; and
  • The special work arrangements will be reviewed before 23 February 2020 when they end as scheduled.