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Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week 2020

“Privacy Awareness Week” (PAW) is an annual promotional event of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA), which is a forum for privacy authorities in the Asia Pacific Region to exchange ideas and share experiences about privacy protection and the latest privacy issues. During the reporting year, the PCPD continued to organise PAW to promote personal data privacy protection. The PAW 2020 in Hong Kong was held on 22 – 26 June, under the theme of “Protecting Privacy Respecting Dignity for a Smart Hong Kong”.

The online workshop “Privacy Awareness Week 2020: From Principles to Practice – Personal Data Protection for Enterprises” was the flagship event of the PAW 2020. More than 850 participants comprising privacy management professionals, members of the Data Protection Officers’ Club, employers, executives, human resource practitioners, etc. attended the online workshop to learn how to conduct Privacy Impact Assessment and implement Privacy by Design, the essence of data ethics and its practice, the updates after two years of enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and the latest privacy-related regulations in the mainland of China.


To promote awareness of cybersecurity to members of public, the PCPD collaborated with Google Hong Kong and a local illustrator, Dustykid, to disseminate a series of six comic strips under the theme “Happiness starts from learning to surf the Internet safely”, to illustrate the potential cybersecurity risks internet users may face in daily life and provide them with tips on using internet safely.

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The PCPD also created e-posters about privacy protection for members of the public to download.

PAW 2020 Poster
PAW 2020 

Posters designed by the PCPD for the PAW 2020.