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Media Statement

Date:16 October 2020

Privacy Commissioner Advocates Protection of Personal Data amidst COVID-19
at International Privacy Conference

The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, Ms Ada CHUNG Lai-ling attended the virtual conference of the 42nd Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) on 13-15 October 2020.    
While COVID-19 has set a new normal for almost all facets of life, Ms Ada Chung appeals for adherence to the principles of data minimisation, limitation of use and retention of data when combating the pandemic.   
Ms Ada Chung presented to GPA members the Compendium of Best Practices in Response to COVID-19, the compilation of which was led by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD). The Compendium contains relevant experience and case studies of good privacy protection practice in the context of the pandemic contributed by 32 GPA members and observers through a survey conducted by the PCPD in August and September 2020.
According to the survey results, digital technology was commonly deployed across jurisdictions (84%) for the purpose of contact tracing. Within these jurisdictions, a majority of them (72%) used contact tracing apps and the use of almost all contact tracing apps (except those for enforcing quarantine order) was voluntary. 75% of the jurisdictions did not use location tracking as a measure to combat COVID-19, apparently because of privacy concerns. 
To address personal data privacy risks associated with the boom of artificial intelligence (AI), a Resolution on Accountability in the Development and Use of AI was also adopted by all GPA members at the conference.
The Resolution calls for organisations, GPA members, governments and other stakeholders worldwide to implement accountability measures which are appropriate regarding the risks of interference with human rights in the development or use of AI systems.  
The GPA, formerly known as the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, is the leading international forum for over 130 data protection authorities from around the globe to discuss and exchange views on privacy issues and the latest international developments.

Privacy Commissioner Ms Ada Chung attended the virtual conference of
the 42nd Global Privacy Assembly.