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Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance


Section 66 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ("Ordinance") provides that an individual who suffers damage by reason of a contravention of a requirement under the Ordinance by a data user may be entitled to compensation from that data user for that damage. The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data ("Commissioner") may, pursuant to section 66B of the Ordinance, grant legal assistance to the aggrieved individual who intends to institute proceedings to seek compensation. This information leaflet covers:


  1. the application for legal assistance;
  2. the factors that may be considered by the Commissioner in vetting an application;
  3. the forms of legal assistance the Commissioner provides;
  4. the refusal or discontinuance of legal assistance; and
  5. the review by the Commissioner of his decision to refuse or discontinue the provision of legal assistance.


Application for Legal Assistance

Factors to be considered in vetting an application

Grant of Legal Assistance

Discontinuance of Legal Assistance

Review of Decision on Legal Assistance

Legal Fees and Costs

Frequently asked questions

Important Notes