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Organisation Chart

Organisation of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong

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Organisational Chart

Organisational structure

Complaints Division

  • To receive and handle complaints lodged with the Commissioner
  • To conduct investigations of suspected breaches
  • To provide advice on matters that may affect the privacy of individuals in relation to personal data
  • To provide other support to PCPD as and when required in relation to complaints

Compliance Division

  • To receive notifications and follow up data breaches incidents where appropriate
  • To carry out compliance checks and investigations
  • To process applications from data users for approval of automated data matching procedures
  • To undertake inspections of personal data systems and make recommendations to the data users concerned for improved compliance
  • To issue compliance and security related leaflets and guidance

Legal Division

  • To provide legal advice in respect of all aspects of the work of the PCPD
  • To monitor developments in overseas data protection laws
  • To review existing and proposed legislation relating to personal data privacy
  • To keep review of the Ordinance
  • To represent the Commissioner in any relevant court and Administrative Appeals Board hearings
  • To administer the Legal Assistance Scheme

Policy and Research Division

  • To advise on policy issues (including responses to stakeholders) relating to personal data protection in light of latest local and international developments
  • To assist PC in the formulation of policies with a view to discharging the statutory duties of the PCPD
  • To undertake research and advise on data protection policies and issues
  • To provide input in the preparation of the PCPD publications, e.g. codes of practices, guidance notes and information leaflets
  • To provide advice and support in investigations, compliance checks and inspections
  • To coordinate and provide secretarial support to the Standing Committee on Technological Developments
  • To establish and maintain liaison with international counterparts

Communications and Education Division

  • To advise on corporate communications strategies and practices
  • To develop and implement promotion, education and public relations programmes
  • To attend to media enquiries and arrange press conferences
  • To maintain a website to provide comprehensive information about the Ordinance, PCPD news and activities and online resources

Corporate Support and Enquiries Division

  • To ensure proper and adequate corporate governance
  • To provide strategic planning and management of resources
  • To undertake office day-to-day management and operation
  • To receive and handle general enquiries from members of the public and organisations
  • To coordinate and provide secretarial support to the Personal Data (Privacy) Advisory Committee
  • To provide and maintain the accounting, payroll, procurement and financial / budgeting systems