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(A) Suggested Time: approx. 50 minutes
(B) Area of Study:
Related Modules Themes Key Questions for Discussion
Module 2:
Hong Kong Today
Quality of life How do Hong Kong people view the priorities with respect to various aspects of quality of life?
How can individuals or organisations contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life in Hong Kong?
What are the obstacles to their efforts?
Which groups of people are the most affected if these obstacles are not removed?
Module 2:
Hong Kong Today
Rule of law and socio-political participation In what ways does the rule of law protect rights and promote the observance of responsibilities among Hong Kong people?
(C) Course Outline:
Item No. Item Suggested
Time (mins.)
Key Teaching Points
1 Warm-up Activity 10 Self-assessment questionnaires
2 Background Information 10 Introduce a complaint case about misuse of personal data by a tutorial centre
3 Basic Knowledge 5 Introduce relevant requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
4 Multi-Perspective Analysis 5 Think about provision of personal data from different perspectives
5 Classroom Activity 20 Drama: “Unauthorised use of classmate’s personal data”
(D) Key Teaching Points:
  • Help students think about the importance of personal data protection.
  • Introduce to students the right that they can exercise when their personal data are collected by organisations.
  • Explain to students that organisations should comply with the Ordinance when using customers’ data.