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Media Statements

Media Statements

Date: 14 January 2011

Public Forum on Proposed Revisions to the Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data

1. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (“PCPD”) encourages members of the public again to participate in the forum on Proposed Revisions to the Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data which will be held on 18 January 2011.

2. The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (the Commissioner) Mr. Allan Chiang issued a consultation document on 5 January 2011 to mark the commencement of a public consultation exercise to seek the views of stakeholders and the general public on the privacy implications of the proposed extension of the existing credit data sharing system to include both positive and negative mortgage data in respect of residential as well as non-residential properties. The present system enables the credit providers to share through a credit reference agency both positive and negative credit data for unsecured loans, but only negative credit data for residential mortgage loans.

3. The public consultation will last until 8 February 2011. The PCPD welcomes submission of views and comments before this deadline.

4. Further, a public forum will be organized for interested parties to share views with the industry. It will be held from 6 pm to 8 pm on 18 January 2011 at the Council Chamber, 8/F Meng Wah Complex, University of Hong Kong, Pokulam Road, Hong Kong. The Commissioner, Mr. Allan Chiang will attend the forum to solicit public views on the consultation document. Other speakers include Mr. Andy Ng, Chairman of Consumer Credit Forum; Mr. Steve Lau, Head of Banking Conduct Department, Hong Kong Monetary Authority; Mr. Law Yuk-Kai, Director of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor; Dr. Eric Cheung T.M., Assistant Professor of Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong, and Mr. Yip Hak-Kwong, Director, Policy 21.

5. Members of the public who would like to participate in the forum please register at (PCPD has commissioned Policy 21 Ltd., an independent consultancy firm, to reach out to the general public and approach stakeholders to solicit views).