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Case Notes
General Information on Case Notes


Complaint Case Notes

The following case notes provide a summary of the outcome of selected complaints dealt with by the PCPD. They are included in order to give guidance to individuals and organizations on the Privacy Commissioner's views on the application of the Ordinance in general, and data protection principles in particular, in a variety of specific situations. Some AAB case summaries are also prepared by the PCPD and included for useful guidance on how the Board views the decisions made by the Privacy Commissioner in his complaint handling.

The reference number assigned to a case note does not represent  the filing date of the case  and/or the number of complaints in a year.

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Enquiry Case Notes

This section is a digest of some of the answers given by the PCPD on written enquiries relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and to codes of practice issued thereunder. In providing such answers, the PCPD hopes to promote awareness and understanding of and compliance with the relevant statutory provisions, this being one of the functions of the Privacy Commissioner under the Ordinance. The answers given reflect only the views and policies of the PCPD. In particular, they do not purport to give any definitive ruling on the interpretation of the provisions of the Ordinance, which the Privacy Commissioner has no legal power to promulgate.

In order to preserve anonymity and to facilitate reading, both questions and answers have been edited. For some cases, this may mean the deletion of background material which, if included, could have shown the context more clearly. Should that result in any apparent inconsistency between answers, clarification may be sought from the PCPD. In any case, the digest is intended only as an illustration of the PCPD's general position, and does not constitute advice to the reader with regard to his or her particular situation. In no way shall the Privacy Commissioner, in exercising any of his functions or powers under the Ordinance, be affected or bound by any statement contained in this digest.

The reference number assigned  to a case note does not represent the filing date of the enquiry and/or the number of enquiries in that year.


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Administrative Appeals Board's Decisions

Full Administrative Appeals Board's decisions which illustrate the interpretation and application of the provisions in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance are included below.

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